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Maureen McGinty, CPA


Maureen joined The Fusion Group in 2010. While she works on a wide range of industries and entity types, she mainly focuses on corporate tax, real estate partnerships and high net worth individuals.  She has also gained experience with estate planning and the private equity industry.  She is experienced with multi-state tax filings, gift tax returns, tax planning and resolving tax notices. 

Maureen enjoys helping clients resolve complex tax issues as well as assisting them in planning for their futures.  She takes great pride in getting to know her clients so that she can properly advise them.

Before joining The Fusion Group, Maureen worked at a public accounting firm in Worcester.  She focused on Corporations, Partnerships and Individuals.  She also performed audits and prepared financial statements. 

When not at work, Maureen likes to watch sports, do jigsaw puzzles and spend time with her family, friends and her three dogs.

Maureen is a CPA and has a B.S. in Business with an emphasis in Accounting from Worcester State College.

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